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about us

Beijing Automation Control Equipment Institute (BACEI) is a state-owned institute founded in 1965. BACEI specializes in inertial technology as a core institute in China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation (CASIC). Our products range from inertial systems to inertial components such as inertial measurement unit (IMU), inertial navigation system (INS), position and orientating system (POS), attitude heading reference system (AHRS), gyroscope, accelerometer, actuator system etc. These products have been successfully applied in the fields of aerospace, missile, aviation, warship, land vehicle, UAV, mapping, railway, petroleum and other demanding applications. BACEI can count on full value-chain: all of our systems are developed internally, from design to manufacturing.
BACEI stands as a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions for inertial navigation. We work in partnership with our customers at every stage of their projects, to ensure we deliver cost effective, innovative and reliable solutions on time at the highest quality. For over 50 years, BACEI has designed and produced high performance inertial products for civil and military clients worldwide.

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